ACRYLITE® UV filtering: Ultimate protection against damaging UV light

Sunlight, as well as halogen and fluorescent lights can all be hazardous to paper and other artistic mediums. Exposed over time to the harmful UV light, fabrics, and paper can become brittle, fade in color or turn yellow. This damage is permanent and irreversible.

Fortunately, ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering OP3 provides extraordinary protection with the highest level of UV filtering available in the industry. And while no other acrylic glazing can compete with OP3, Roehm also offers ACRYLITE® Gallery UV Filtering UV3 with a slightly reduced level of UV protection. Both OP3 and UV3 feature this UV protection inherent in their proprietary formulations.

Of course, because these glazing options are acrylic, they’re lighter, easier to ship, and 10-20 times more resistant to impact than glass. Plus, since they’re all ACRYLITE®, you know the quality is guaranteed.

ACRYLITE® Gallery features three categories of protection, with multiple product solutions in each:

The Science Behind Better UV Protection

Everyone claims UV protection. But a number of manufacturers will use narrow UV light ranges and thicker acrylic sheet measurements to boost their claims of UV filtering performance. Roehm’s ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering acrylic glazing continues to perform across the entire UV spectrum, providing the best protection in the industry.

ASTM classifies UV filtering acrylic as blocking 95% of UV rays in the 200-390 nanometer light range. The chart below shows the percentage blocking of UV light at three different wavelengths. At 380nm, many of the UV filtering products are similar, including both ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering UV3 and OP3.

At 390nm, ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering OP3 continues to block out nearly 100% of UV light, while ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering UV3 and the others show diminished levels of UV protection.

Toward the upper end of the UV spectrum at 400nm, ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering OP3 continues to excel, while the others drop off precipitously. The evidence is clear. If you’re looking for the absolute best UV protection, you’re looking for ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering OP3.

uv filtering performance of framing grade acrylic

The competitive data depicted in the graph above was generated via measurements taken from actual competitive samples obtained from the general marketplace. The data shown here is believed to be accurate and is shown as a general representation of product performance compared to other products listed above. One should always generate their own test data to verify accuracy. Light transmission data was generated in accordance with “ASTM D4802 – Standard Specification for Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Acrylic Plastic Sheet”.