ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP2) and UV filtering mar resistant (OP2 MR1)

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ACRYLITE® UV filtering (OP2) cast acrylic filters the highest level of damaging UV light (200-400 nanometers) and offers excellent light transmission in the visible range between 400 and 700 nanometers. It can be easily fabricated, thermoformed, cold-formed, screen printed, and painted. It is guaranteed against defects or your money back.

ACRYLITE® UV filtering mar resistant (OP2 MR1) acrylic sheet combines abrasion and chemical resistance with these same UV filtering properties to minimize marring caused by public contact and frequent cleaning.


It is produced using our propriety formulation. This material is superior to other glazing materials for maintaining its clarity, even after years of exposure to sunlight and weather. This material has been exposed to EMMA-QUA and XENON accelerated weathering for an equivalent time period of 15 years with no appreciable loss of its UV filtering capabilities.


(OP2) acrylic sheet provides superior protection as compared to conservation glass. It protects cherished art, photographs, and memorabilia against fading caused by UV light.

(OP2 MR1) offers the same level of UV protection and also resists scratching and the dulling effects of alcohol and ammonia cleaners. Known for its outstanding optical quality and clarity, it's half the weight of glass and many times more shatter resistant making it the perfect choice for treasured art and artifacts.


The high impact strength of (OP2) acrylic guards your exhibits from direct physical intrusion. All this protection comes affordably priced, so you can protect your treasures without damaging your budget.


It can be cut, drilled, routed thermoformed, screen printed, and painted. Edges can be mitered and cemented for strong nearly invisible joints requiring no framing. The crystal clarity of our UV filtering keeps the viewers attention on the exhibited object, not the protective enclosure.

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It can also be used to replace or overglaze existing window or skylight glazings. In this way, destructive ultraviolet radiation from sunlight is virtually eliminated from any room. And, because of the high visible light transmission, there are no significant losses of natural lighting or visual clarity.

It also has a pleasing blue-green tinted edge, similar to high quality glass, so even the visual aesthetics of this acrylic surpass the others.


ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP2)

Filters the highest level of damaging UV rays

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering mar resistant (OP2 MR1)

UV filtering and chemical and mar resistant

ACRIFIX® Anti-Static Cleaner

ACRIFIX® AC 1010 antistatic cleaner is the product of choice for maintaining ACRYLITE® sheet.

It polishes to a streak-free shine while removing grease and dust, and its non-toxic formula is environmentally friendly. ACRIFIX® AC 1010 cleaner is available in 4 ounce, 16 ounce, and gallon bottles.

ACRIFIX® Specialty Bonding Agents

ACRIFIX® 2R 0190 Versatile, the quintessential reactive SBA, is viscous, dries clear, and bubble-free making it ideal for shadowboxes and vitrines where archival integrity is paramount.

GradeDefect FreeConservation UV-filteringMar ResistantThicknessSheet Size
UV filtering (OP2) .118” to .472” 48”x 96” 72”x 96”
UV filtering mar resistant (OP2 MR1) .236”, .354” 72” x 96”

UV filtering

The chart above shows the percentage blocking of UV light at three different wavelengths. At 380nm and 390nm, both products are similar. However, as one approaches the upper end of the UV spectrum at 400nm, ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP2) provides a higher level of protection compared to the competitor. This will ensure that your exhibits and showcases will protect valuable artifacts for years to come.

The competitive data depicted in the graph above was generated via measurements taken from actual competitive samples obtained from the general marketplace. The data shown here is believed to be accurate and is shown as a general representation of product performance compared to other products listed above. One should always generate their own test data to verify accuracy. Light transmission data was generated in accordance with “ASTM D4802 – Standard Specification for Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Acrylic Plastic Sheet”.