ACRYLITE® Soundstop

Combustion Testing – Simulated Brush Fire (EN 1794-2)

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This Technical Bulletin contains a description and results of a test method used for evaluating the resistance of ACRYLITE® Soundstop noise barrier panels to a fire arising from dry vegetation or other material in close proximity to a sound wall. This test was designed to simulate small brush fire exposure*. It is equivalent to the fire test used in the European Standard EN 1794-2 (Annex A), Resistance Against Fire in the Case of Low Fire Load, which has been in use for many years to evaluate the suitability of materials as road side noise barriers.

Fire Test

Two ACRYLITE® Soundstop noise barrier panels 1.5m x 2m x 15 mm thick were exposed to a localized fire at the base, both at the front and back of the sheet. The fire sources consisted of wire baskets that each contained 600 grams of spruce shavings, 0.2 mm thick x 2 mm wide x 50 mm long. The test was conducted with the panels in the vertical position.

3114 pic 1

1. Test Set up shown above

Both of the fire sources were lit simultaneously and allowed to burn to completion.

3114 pic 2

2. Burning of Spruce Shavings

After the fires burned to completion, brown discoloration and minor blistering can be seen on the ACRYLITE® Soundstop noise barrier panels. However, the static and acoustic functionality of the test barrier was not affected by the exposure to fire. No holes or cracks developed during the test.

One hour after the burning of the first two baskets, two more baskets of wood shavings were placed on the opposite side of the panels and ignited. Again, only minor discoloration of the panels was noted at the completion of the test.

* This test is a simulated fire exposure intended to demonstrate the behavior of ACRYLITE® Soundstop noise barrier panels in a specific situation. Actual results may vary due to circumstances outside the conditions of this test.

3114 pic 4

3. ACRYLITE® Soundstop noise barrier panels after completion of Fire Test

ACRYLITE® Soundstop XT** was found to comply with the requirements of Class 3 of the EN 1794-2 standard. To meet the Class 3 requirement, the ACRYLITE® Soundstop XT sheet was required to sustain no damage other than discoloration.

Based on the results of this test, ACRYLITE® Soundstop noise barrier panels are not expected to contribute to the spread of fire from modest amounts of dry vegetation or other brush material in close proximity to the sound wall.

** In the 2013 test report (PB 3.2/13-105-1), 10mm ACRYLITE® Soundstop XT was used. The test proved that these panels were able to avoid ignition. Thicker materials will have higher thermal masses and will therefore provide more resistance to ignition. For this reason, any ACRYLITE® Soundstop material greater than or equal to 10 mm thickness is expected to pass this test.