ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade Product Information

Diffused sign grade for backlighting


ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade is specially formulated for LED sign faces. It possesses a frosted surface with unique optical properties that provide superior light diffusion and eliminate visible LED hot spots without the use of a diffuser film. The frosted surface also works to hide fingerprints and scratches which helps maintain the service life.

Acrylic withstands the effects of weathering much better than other sign face materials. Polycarbonate will yellow and become hazy after only a few years of UV exposure and it will lose much of its impact strength. Our LED diffused sign grade has been specially formulated to combat outdoor elements without yellowing while maintaining its impact strength for many years.

Although it's designed to work with LEDs, it provides unsurpassed performance with neon and fluorescent light sources.

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In addition to the high quality and proven performance of ACRYLITE® such as:

  • Extremely weather-able for outdoor applications
  • Easily formed and fabricated
  • 100% recyclable

Our LED diffused sign grade offers the following special features:

  • Excellent diffusion properties; eliminates LED light hot spots
  • Impact-modified for increased durability
  • Lightweight for reduced freight costs and easy handling and installation


  • Illuminated signage
  • Channel letters
  • Way finding signs
  • Lightboxes


ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade can be machined just like standard extruded acrylic. The following guidelines are available for fabricating ACRYLITE®:

Product Specifications

ColorStandard SizeThicknessTransmission D65
White WDR58 75x100





White WDR52 75x100





This product belongs to the ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade product family and was specially developed for the illuminated sign industry. You can find other interesting products developed for LED applications in the "ACRYLITE® Lighting Product Family Overview" (Ref. No. 3802)