The ACRYLITE® Family Product Line


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PMMA sheets, tubes, rods, films, and molding compounds as basic products with unbeatable resistance to UV light and weathering, combined with durability. The products are either clear and brilliant or available in a large number of opaque, translucent, transparent, and fluorescent colors.


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This clear-transparent multi-skinned sheet offers our highest light transmission and exceptional optical clarity and has our patented NO DRIP anticondensate coating on all surfaces, inside and out.

ACRYLITE® Heatresist

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A higher heat deflection temperature is the distinguishing feature of these specialty PMMA molding compounds.

ACRYLITE® Heatstop

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These heat-reflecting PMMA molding compounds, solid and multi-skinned sheets offer greater energy efficiency by cutting air conditioning costs. A multi-skinned sheet variant filled with aerogel offers high heat insulation.


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Beauty and strength come together to form elegant and luminous high-gloss solid sheets, available in various colors and modern decor patterns. These sheets offer versatility and unsurpassed depth for your most discriminating designs. Specialty molding compounds provide injection – molded components with a high-gloss Class A surface and remarkable depth of color.


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The new dimension of light: specialty PMMA sheets and molding compounds for efficient lighting applications combined with LEDs. Specialty products for edge lighting and backlighting offer maximum light transmission without disturbing hot spots, as well as attractive color play effects.


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PMMA molding compounds and sheets with optical functionalities, high light guidance, and distribution provide a uniformly bright and perfectly sharp picture, especially in display applications as well as rear projection.

ACRYLITE® Reflections

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Attractively mirror-coated and reflective solid sheets with a metallic, glossy, matte, or rainbow-colored surface.


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These high impact acrylic molding compounds, multi-skinned, corrugated, and solid sheets and tubes combine toughness with excellent weather resistance.

ACRYLITE® Satinice

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This material’s velvet surfaces are robust, pleasant to the touch, and discretely light-diffusing. Sheets and tubes are available with a matte satin surface on one or both sides, or with diffuser beads evenly distributed throughout the material, in various colors. Available as diffuser molding compounds for components with a light-diffusing effect.


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These ultra-pure molding compounds, sheets, and Fresnel lenses have specific light transmission properties and high resistance to UV light and weathering, which makes them suitable for high-efficiency solar modules.

PARAGLAS® Soundstop/ACRYLITE® Soundstop

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These specialty products offer effective noise control and wind protection. The sheets are sound-reflecting, impact-resistant, highly transparent, and contain embedded polyamide threads for sliver retention. They are also available with bird-deterrent strips.

ACRYLITE® Textures

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Solid sheets with a variety of classical and modern surface textures, combined with trendy colors or a rainbow effect.