Roehm America LLC Goes Beyond Green

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No matter which of our products you buy, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact.

Operating under the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care®, we strive to continuously improve our health, safety, and environmental performances. By becoming a national member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Roehm America takes environmental stewardship a step further. Our goal is to improve the environment by supplying sustainable and long-living acrylic products to the green building sector and to all other markets we serve.

LEED Credits

For architects, engineers, & retailers who are participating in a project to achieve LEED certification from the USGBC, potential LEED credits can be earned in various areas, especially the following:

LEED for Retail

Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit 4: Low-Emitting Materials Option E.


As a component of furniture or a shelving display our products comply with the credit requirements to obtain 1 point.

LEED for New Construction

Materials and Resources (MR) Credit 5.1 Regional Materials—10% extracted, processed & manufactured regionally.

LEED project sites within 500 miles

of our Sanford, Maine or Osceola, Arkansas production facilities are applicable for most of our products.

Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Prerequisite 2

Utilizing DEGLAS® multi-skin sheet contributes towards the building envelope requirements of ASRAE 90.1-2004 Section 5.

Green Facts


Roehm America acrylic products are one of the most readily recyclable plastics. Some grades can be re-extruded many times without losing their properties. Our acrylics can be “reverse- polymerized” to yield the original base chemical, MMA, which can then be used to make acrylic again or a number of other commercial products.

Roehm America uses an average of 20% and up to 75% pre-consumer reclaimed acrylic in its extruded acrylic products.


  • Roehm America is one of the few manufacturers using only colorants that are free of heavy metals in its acrylic products and has done so since the 1980’s.
  • Our acrylic products are free of bisphenol A.
  • We do not add or use plasticizers in the production of our acrylic products.
  • Our products do not contain components such as formaldehyde that can result in the release of harmful vapors or gases.
  • Our products do not contain paints or adhesives.


  • Roehm America produces its acrylic monomer, polymer, and sheet in integrated manufacturing facilities in several locations across North America, helping to reduce the energy and CO² impact involved in the transportation of its raw materials and finished products.
  • We operate a “one-of-a-kind” biological pollution control system that uses bacteria to remove and eliminate solvent fumes from its process. This cutting edge technology minimizes the impact of our facility on the environment.
  • Roehm America production plants are ISO 14001 certified to meet strict standards of environmental responsibility.

Note: This statement applies to ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet and Rods & Tubes, DEGLAS® High Impact Acrylic Glazing, PARAPAN®, and PARAGLAS SOUNDSTOP® noise barrier products manufactured by Roehm America LLC.