ACRYLITE® extruded Infrared Transmitting (IRT) Acrylic Sheet


ACRYLITE® Infrared Transmitting (IRT) sheet is specifically formulated for projects requiring ultraviolet (UV) and visible light blockage while allowing infrared (IR) transmission. It is designed to transmit infrared light and to absorb visible light. This is the ideal product for use in applications where it is desirable to conceal infrared security cameras or infrared transmitters and receivers.

It is available in continuously manufactured (extruded black 9M020) grades. The physical properties and fabrication techniques of this product are the same as standard ACRYLITE® premium sheet.

Product Offering

Black 9M020 48x96 118”, .177” and .236”

Transmission of ACRYLITE® premium sheet color #9M020 (IRT) and #9M001

transmission of premium sheet