ACRYLITE® LED optimized (truLED) Product Information


ACRYLITE® LED optimized (truLED) acrylic sheet was specifically developed for backlighting with LEDs and provides maximum transmission and optimum light diffusion. These unique properties deliver a brilliant appearance and eliminate undesired hot spots or fluctuations in luminance, even in ultra slim illuminated signs.

The light transmission of this sheet is adjusted to the same wavelength ranges as the respective LEDs. This combination of properties makes it possible to employ modern LED technology with maximum brightness.


In addition to the high quality and proven performance of ACRYLITE®, such as:

  • Extremely high weather resistance
  • Ease of fabrication
  • 100% recyclability

ACRYLITE® LED (truLED) offers the following characteristics:

  • No LED hot spots due to optimum light diffusion
  • High luminous efficiency, and therefore cost savings, through improved diffusion


These properties make this product especially suitable for:

  • Channel letters
  • Light boxes
  • Back-lighting in exhibition booths and store fixtures

Product Specifications

ColorStandard SizeThicknessTransmission D65
White WH72 GT 80x120 .118” 31%
White WH14 GT 80x120 .118” 55%

This product belongs to the ACRYLITE® LED product family and was specially developed for the illuminated sign industry. You can find other interesting products developed for LED applications in the "ACRYLITE® Lighting Product Family Overview" (Ref. No. 3802)

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