LED Light Guiding Edge Lit Product Information Sheet

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Ultra-thin panel lighting can be created by using ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit. When LED strip modules are used at the edges of the sheet, the acrylic glows uniformly across its two perpendicular surfaces. The product is also available in a rod form. The special light-diffusing particles inside the material extract the light uniformly through the sheet and direct it toward the viewer. Our light guiding edge lit is a transparent colorless material offered in various grades and thicknesses.


The product can be machined with the same parameters and equipment as standard ACRYLITE®:

  • The bending radius needs to be 6 times larger than the material thickness so the light can follow the shape.
  • With fine polishing, surface scratches can be removed and the lighting properties are restored.


Typical applications:

  • Thin profile single or double sided poster walls, menus, and signs for advertising
  • Transparent illuminated partitions
  • Decorative ambient light panels or rods for architecture and interior design
  • Ultra-slim architectural luminaires


This material possesses the following properties:

  • Highly efficient light distribution via the perpendicular surfaces
  • Uniform luminance across the panel simply by selecting the appropriate grade
  • Simple to change panel sizes
  • Surface structuring, etching, or printing not needed
  • Double surface illumination possible without adding materials
  • Single surface illumination possible with white reflective material on backside
  • Crystal clear material allowing the viewer to see through the panel
  • Brightest light rays directed perpendicular from panel surface
  • Patented technology

The typical setup consists of ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit illuminated with LED strip modules at one, two, or four sides. A transparent protection sheet can be used to protect the poster and light guide. A secondary diffuser can be used to improve the light scattering in certain applications.


  • Complete functionality is only provided after removing the masking film.
  • Maximum luminous efficiency and homogenous light distribution are achieved using the recommended grades (SM, L, XL, XXL).
  • To obtain optimal luminous efficiency, it is recommended to polish all edges or use a laser-cut method. Mirror or white reflector materials (such as tape) can be used on edges without LEDs to enhance uniformity and efficiency.
  • Bonding, lamination, and printing on the front or back-side surfaces will disturb the light transport and therefore create non-homogenous illumination.
  • Install LEDs close to the edge so that the entire light cone enters the sheet/rod.
  • The thickness of the material should be greater than the width of the LEDs to assure optimal light coupling.
  • One weak link in an LED system design (such as poor LED selection or lack of thermal management) can cause the overall results to be less than optimal. See full technical information on ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit for recommended complimentary components.

Top: Front side poster back-lit sheet application

Middle: Transparent illumination panel sheet application

Bottom: Single and double sided rod application

reflective back sheet1 reflective back sheet2 reflective tape

Additional Acrylite Recommended Materials

ItemProductProduct Description
Reflective back sheet (opaque, white)


ACRYLITE® Hi-Gloss 7M807 C1

Reflector side white, reverse silver
Diffusers instead of Back-lit Poster + Protection

ACRYLITE® Satinice WD008 DF

ACRYLITE® LED optimized WH14

ACRYLITE® Satinice 0D010 DF

White appearance

White appearance

High efficient light scattering

Transparent protective

ACRYLITE® Optical 0A570 HC



Hard coated and special UV protection



Product Range

Single sided edge-lit [inch] Up to 6“ 6 – 12“ 12 – 24“ 24 – 39“
Two or Four sided edge-lit [inch] Up to 12“ 12 – 24“ 24 – 48“ 48 – 78“
Sheet thickness [inch] -

.157“ (4mm)

.236“ (6mm)

.315“ (8mm)

.157“ (4mm)

.236“ (6mm)

.315“ (8mm)

.394“ (10mm)

.315“ (8mm)

.394“ (10mm)

Rod diameter [mm] - 0N001 L , D20, D40 0N002 XL , D20, D40 -

LED light guiding edge lit:

sheet extruded grade 1, 2

0E010 SM 0E011 L 0E012 XL 0E013 XXL

1. Standard sizes 49” x 97” or 80” x 120”, Custom sizes and thicknesses upon request

2. Recommended for applications with or without graphic overlay