Optical High Quality Rear Projection Technical Information

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The Product Range

ACRYLITE® Optical rear projection (RP) is especially developed for rear projection to ensure optimal image generation in this demanding application.

The base material is highly transparent PMMA with excellent light transmission (92%). It offers very good mechanical strength, which makes the rear projection screens extremely durable.

Roehm America LLC offers two types of rear projection screens that are optimized for different applications.

The Daylight Screen is 3mm thick and is a universal product that is suitable for every environment. It represents the ideal compromise between contrast, gain, and half-gain. All this is combined with an excellent price/performance ratio and a tough configuration.

Optimized Contrast

The light grey color of this sheet enables very good contrast. Any environmental light is absorbed by this color, which provides a brilliant image and requires less darkening than usual in a conference room setting.

Professional Screens

Professional environments such as TV studios or control rooms make very stringent requirements in terms of projection contrast and homogeneity.

The quality of the image is close to that of “optical” projection screens, which are built by means of complex technologies including Fresnel lenses.

In the high-resolution ACRYLITE® Optical (RP), highly effective light diffusing particles are concentrated in a thin surface layer using a new production method. This enables us to manufacture high resolution screens with very good brightness uniformity.

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Examples of Setups

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Setup using rear projection

Direct projection requires a distance of approx. 1.5x screen diagonal between the projector and the ACRYLITE® screen. This distance can be reduced to a third using wide-angle projectors with a short throw.

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Rear projection in cubes, using a single-mirror light path

Cubes are also based on rear projection technology. Besides special wide-angle light engines, the depth of the device is reduced by folding the beam path using a mirror.

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Rear projection using normal lens and two mirrors

Minimization of the required space by using mirrors.

By folding the projector beam using special mirrors, the space required for setup can be reduced to a minimum.

Since adjustment of the total light path is more labor-intensive, this variant is more suited to permanently installed systems.

Technical Data

Grey 7D513 RP (Daylight)Grey 7D006 RP (High Resolution)
Standard formats

Thickness 3 mm (.118”)

3050 mm x 2050 mm

Thickness 5 mm (.197”)

2200 mm x 1600 mm

Environmental light level


High contrasts in bright environments


Good contrasts- also in bright environments

Color Anthracite Light Grey
Optical Data
Gain 1,6 1,0
Half-gain ±24° ±38°
Light transmittance 42% 45%

Surface gloss

ISO 2813

R(20°) – 3

R(60°) – 20

R(85°) – 20