The universal acrylic sheet for the sign market.

For over 35 years, Roehm America has been offering the highest quality acrylic products for the sign industry. Our acrylic sheet comes in a number of grades and colors to meet any interior and exterior signage need. Sign professionals choose ACRYLITE® LED sign grade when building signs because their reputation is on the line.

This material is a continuously manufactured, thermoplastic sheet developed specifically for the sign market. It is produced utilizing innovative polymers and the same proprietary technology used when manufacturing ACRYLITE® premium sheet.

This sign grade is the universal sign product which combines lightweight and high optical quality with outstanding ease of fabrication and greater impact strength than standard acrylic sheet. Read more about the benefits of ACRYLITE® LED sign grade below.


While there are many products available for the signage industry, our brand offers the very best to satisfy your sign requirements. ACRYLITE® LED sign grade offers the following benefits:

  • Highest Impact Resistance in its Class - This material is an impact modified acrylic. Being 10x stronger than standard acrylic, it resists breakage during storage, fabrication, shipping, and installation.
  • Pair it with Light - It is optimized for use with LEDs and all other light sources.
  • Easy to Fabricate - It can be sawed, drilled, routed, painted, & cemented with ease, plus it resists chipping & melting.
  • Reduced Labor & Energy Costs when Thermoforming - Thermoforms at lower temperatures, and does not require pre-drying under normal circumstances. This greatly reduces labor and energy costs while increasing your throughput.
  • Vibrant Color Consistency & Uniformity - Achieve unsurpassed color consistency which greatly exceeds polycarbonate, even when the PC has a secondary “UV protective coating”.
  • Excellent Weatherability - Ability to withstand most outdoor conditions for many years without significant deterioration of clarity, color, or physical properties.
  • Backed by our Warranty - ACRYLITE® LED Sign Grade WRT30 and WRT31 come with a 30-year warranty.

Common Applications

  • Channel letters
  • Formed letters and shapes
  • Back-painted signs
  • Flat/pan faced signs
  • Vacuum formed letters


For tips on how to best fabricate this material, visit the ACRYLITE® LED Sign Grade (Resist SG) Fabrication Manual.

Additional Resources

For more on this material, visit ACRYLITE® LED Sign Grade (Resist SG) Physical Properties Technical Information.

For answers to common questions, visit ACRYLITE® LED - Solutions For Signage Q&A.

Sheet Availability

  • Thicknesses: .118" (3mm) & .177" (4.5mm)
  • Standard sheet sizes: 51” x 100” & 75” x 100”
  • Custom sizes are available upon request
  • White, colorless, and color options can be MTO in .177" (4.5mm) thickness, in sizes of 75” x 125” & 75" x 150"
  • Masking: Paper

Reels Availability

ACRYLITE® LED Sign Grade material is available in reels of 76" & 101" widths and in .150" (3.8mm) & .177" (4.5mm) thicknesses. Learn more about ACRYLITE® LED Sign Grade Reels.

Additional Sign Product Options

Whether you are working with ACRYLITE® LED sign grade or our other ACRYLITE® extruded, or cast products, the quality and color consistency remain the same. Please see the table below for more sign products. Minimums apply.

*Impact Modified - standard sheet sizes: 51” x 100” and 75” x 100”

**FF & GP - standard sheet sizes: 48” x 96”

***Minimums apply

Additional sheet sizes & thicknesses may be available