ACRYLITE® LED color changing back lit

ACRYLITE® LED color changing back lit black/white acrylic sheet appears dark during the day and with added backlighting, glows white at night. This unique attribute is possible due to a special pigment formulation that yields 25 percent light transmittance when backlit, yet appears dark and opaque without backlighting.

Particularly in illuminated signs, store fixtures, and exhibition booths, the combination of LEDs with LED color changing back lit offers maximum efficiency and superior lighting technology.

Illuminated signs often glow 24 hours a day, which is why energy-saving construction is becoming increasingly important. Illuminated signs made with LED color changing back lit and backlit with modern LED technology, consume less energy than conventional fluorescent and neon tubes and also require considerably less maintenance. The full potential of LEDs can only be harnessed using the right material and this material is specially designed for use in illuminated signs with LEDs.

The improved formulation of our color changing back lit acrylic provides superior diffusion, to eliminate the need of adding a costly separate diffusing panel or film. Improved diffusion properties provides a brighter and whiter letter when lighted.


In addition to the high quality and proven performance of ACRYLITE®, such as:

  • Extremely weather-able for outdoor applications
  • Easily formed and fabricated
  • 100% recyclability

It offers the following special features:

  • Black in daylight and glows in the color of the LEDs at night (see illustration below)


This product is especially suitable for:

  • Illuminated signs
  • Exhibition booth
  • Store fixture/retail displays
  • Special-effect luminous walls in architecture



  • This sheet works best when the edges are enclosed in the sign box or channel. There should be no overhanging edges if uniform appearance is desired.
  • The black and white sheet effect will be achieved regardless of which side is facing inward or outward. The sign surface will have a glossy appearance.
  • It is not necessary to add a separate diffusing panel to ensure that the image of the lamps is hidden when a standard distance from the lights is used. Alternately, a white vinyl diffusing film may be applied for enhanced diffusion when distance from the lighting source is close.
  • The intensity of effect can be adjusted by varying the positioning of the light source.

Product Specifications