Conical De-Glaring Prism (CDP) - Microstructured Acrylic for Light-Management


The Conical De-Glaring Prism (CDP) provides outstanding de-glaring performance. The prisms are designed as cones which provide exclusive geometric features optimized with numerical algorithms. The key features of CDP are high efficiency, smooth de-glaring characteristics, and a colorless appearance.


  • High transparency microstructured prism sheet
  • Unique and homogenous glare reduction
  • Highest possible efficiency
  • Smooth de-glaring properties
  • Suppresses high-angle light above 65° to reduce visual glare while increasing on-axis light (“gain”)
  • Enables luminaires to comply with EN12464 glare specifications


  • For lighting applications with UGR < 19
  • Ideal for illumination of workstations


The recommended fabrication methods for Jungbecker Optics are:

  • Circular saw cutting
  • (edge polishing required in a 2nd step)
  • Laser cutting

It is important for the laser to have 360° suction, which means the air, smoke, and dust should be extracted from under and over the sheets.


Jungbecker Optics can be thermoformed according to customer specifications, however there are limitations to the curvature that can be achieved. Please consult with Roehm if interested in forming a specific part.

light distribution

Technical Data

Standard MaterialAcrylic(clear)
*Size 1250 mm x 610 mm (usable area 1200 mm x 600 mm)
Thickness 3 mm (2.5 up to 6.0 mm upon request)
Cone diameter 2mm
Refractive index 1.491
Transmittance 92%
Efficiency > 95 % (in typical LED luminaire)
Temperature range -40 °C up to +80 °C
Customization options

development of prismatic microstructures for your specific applications, tooling, and series production

*Contact Roehm for availability of additional sizes

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