ACRYLITE® LED Optimized Letter Block

WM51 and WH51 for Backlighting, Thick White Acrylic


ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block is a specially formulated cast acrylic developed for backlighting and embedding LED's within the thicker white letter block. Combining LED's with ACRYLITE® LED acrylic makes for maximum efficiency and superior lighting technology especially in illuminated signs, store fixtures, and exhibition booths.

This product offers a high degree of white opacity in indoor light and daylight. Its translucency has been optimized to offer maximum transmission paired with optimum light diffusion to eliminate unsightly hot spots and fluctuations in luminance.


It offers the following characteristics:

  • Brilliant and extremely weather-stable whiteness to provide decades of service
  • No LED hot spots due to optimum light diffusion
  • High luminous efficiency and therefore cost savings, through improved diffusion
  • Easy to machine and fabricate
  • 100% recyclable


These properties make ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block especially suitable in low profile lettering for:

  • Push-through letters
  • Trim-less channel letters
  • Exterior corporate identity signage
  • Interior retail signage & shelving
  • Store fixture and POP displays

LED optimized letter block greatly reduces fabrication cost by reducing or eliminating labor steps such as sanding and painting or the application of a diffuser film, which are required when using materials with inferior diffusing properties. When manufacturing channel letters, the cost savings can be significantly higher as there is no need to fabricate the aluminum light cans.

It is available in a bright luminous white, this letter block allows you to go directly from machining to assembly, saving time and cost. If your design requires a secondary color, you can apply a translucent film to the sheet prior to machining which allows for a multitude of surface colors. A third option for coloration can be achieved by adding a coating or film to the sides of the letters or graphics. Coating the sides of the letters could eliminate the halo effect. Depending on the color and opacity of the coating or film, blocking out the sides will increase the luminance of the letter face.

Product Specifications

ColorSizesThicknessTransmission T D65
White WM51 48x96 30mm (1.181") 22%
White WH51 48x96



24mm (.944")


4032 pic 5


LED's can be used to back light push through letters or embedded into routed cavities. Various LED's have different lumen output and beam angle. Therefore, it is recommended when cutting grooves or hollow area on the reverse side of the application, to test cut at your desired depth and width and test the LED to ensure optimum light and diffusion output. Using a bright white, powder coated aluminum finish as your back plate or light box interior will reflect light towards and out the face of the letter. Aluminum is also a good conductor of heat which will be beneficial as a heat sink for the LED's.

Backlighted wall/face thickness should not be reduced to less than .472”.

Following this guideline will help ensure the light will properly diffuse.

Routing will change the lighting characteristics of the material. Diffusion will decrease and transmission will increase as your machining thins this material.

ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block can be machined using the same methods as ACRYLITE® cast (GP). The following guidelines for workshop practices are available below:

Applications: Thick sheet/Block (WH51, WM51) with a material thickness of .472” to 1.181” (12-30mm). For: routed letters in illuminated signs, backlighting in furniture and store fixtures. Figures below show different variants of these applications.

4032 pic 6

4032 pic 7