ACRYLITE® Gallery: Because We Know How Much You Like Options

Custom framers make choices every day - frame materials and styles or matboard colors and shapes. And then, of course, there’s the glazing, where you have to consider medium, size, value, budget, and location.

At Roehm, we know how much thought goes into every framing job, so we created the ACRYLITE® Gallery to give you a high-quality option for every possible acrylic glazing need. ACRYLITE® Gallery’s range of products can protect from UV light, glare, abrasion, and chemicals. Because our glazing options are acrylic, they’re also much lighter, easier to ship and 10-20 times more resistant to impact than glass. And of course, they’re all ACRYLITE®, so you know the quality is guaranteed.

We offer the glazing options you’re looking for. To learn more or to download technical data sheets and framing guides, click here or call 800-631-5384.

ACRYLITE® Gallery features three categories of protection, with multiple product solutions in each:

ACRYLITE® Gallery Products and Features