PARAPAN® - Functionality in its most aesthetic form


The PARAPAN® philosophy is one of opulent minimalism. This holistic concept focuses on elementary human needs for functional furniture with aesthetic appeal. PARAPAN® sets new standards for flexibility and surface gloss. Interior design with PARAPAN®, whether in furniture, wall paneling or other items, offers rooms in perfect harmony with individual requirements.

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The fascinating thing about the PARAPAN® surface is the story behind it. PARAPAN® is the ideal material for eclectic, individual furniture and interiors that tell their own story. Their every detail shows how ideas translate into fresh new living spaces. The special properties of PARAPAN® open up new design options in every imaginable shape, including curved fronts. There are virtually no limits to the creative scope for personal, tailor-made solutions.


What makes PARAPAN® so special as compared with conventional materials is its honesty. What you get is what you see – a material that is perfect down to the smallest details. With its special properties, wide range of colors and unsurpassed color stability, PARAPAN® is designed to provide architectural harmony of the highest order.

Immaculately crafted to exacting standards, it offers high gloss without varnish, also along the edges. This is what makes PARAPAN® a hard-wearing and durable material that places the emphasis firmly on comfort.

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PARAPAN® is synonymous with color, gloss and a long service life. It turns every kitchen into a stylish statement. PARAPAN® adds a distinctive touch to prestigious interiors.


PARAPAN® surfaces give a distinctive flair to every room. Their textures and colors complement and enhance other materials. The solid specialty acrylic elements that are colored through and through blend perfectly with their surroundings, whether warm and sumptuous, cool and metallic or brilliantly lit.

They create a feeling of harmony and intri-guing contrast. Combined with lively wood grain, their clean, unobtrusive lines infuse rooms with energy and imbue them with timeless, uncompromising elegance.

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The brilliant, mirror-like surfaces of the solid sliding panels are the very essence of style. On their own, or in cool colors combined with the warmth of wood, such elements create furniture of enduring value.


With its tough surface and solidity, PARAPAN® retains its value for many years and adapts perfectly to suit individual living conditions. Even when subjected to rough treatment, the PARAPAN® surface loses none of its molded-in color. Any surface damage can be removed with minimal effort.

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PARAPAN® retains its value because other items of the same material can be added even years later. How good to know that new pieces will always match the existing décor.


Conventional furniture is only protected by a thin layer of varnish, laminate, film or veneer. Even minor dents can have dire consequences. Such furniture swells when it comes into contact with water and suffers irreparable damage. PARAPAN®, on the other hand, is a solid, homogenous material that is waterproof through and through, and offers permanent resistance to humidity.

With its perfectly smooth, poreless surface, it is hygienic and easy to clean for permanent use in wet rooms. This insensitivity makes PARAPAN® excellently suited for the medical sector too.

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Surfaces have to meet stringent demands in terms of functionality and design. That is why PARAPAN® is built to ensure lasting beauty.

Designing interiors means working with shape, color and surface texture. The PARAPAN® range offers a vast array of innovative options to highlight the room‘s architecture. Everything goes, from exclusive décors in stores and boutiques to impressive offices in banks, and inviting areas in hotels and restaurants. Special sizes, colors and shapes are also available.

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All PARAPAN® parts in 18 mm thickness are made to measure and immediately available in standard colors. Special colors, handle recesses and beveled edges can be provided at the customer‘s request.


The PARAPAN® philosophy is geared to individual human needs for form and function. It is our constant endeavor to fulfill these needs in partnership with interior designers, being well aware that rooms always reflect personal visions and individual lifestyles. From congenial meeting points and hospitable venues to professional workplaces, the holistic approach to color, form and surface, in close cooperation with customers, makes it possible to realize design concepts for a wide variety of architectural settings and very different kinds of people.

As a leading global supplier of acrylic products, Roehm‘s PARAPAN® is the crucial link between interior designers and the requirements of the people to whose quality of life we contribute.

The range PARAPAN® is provided cut to size as finished items of furniture and supplied with high-gloss edges with the desired edge radius. The elements are 18mm thick, homogenously colored throughout the material and have two high-gloss surfaces (front and back) of impeccable brilliance. The PARAPAN® range is supplemented by 4mm thick sheets for furniture backing, sides or wall paneling, and for use in framing systems. A large number of standard colors are permanently available at short notice. Special colors can be provided upon customer request.