ACRIFIX® 1S 0116 Pure-V Solvent

Product and Use

ACRIFIX® 1S 0116 Pure-V Solvent Cement is a viscous, clear, colorless to slightly yellow, adhesive-free of dichloromethane (methylene chloride). 


Used for making T-joints and bonding narrow areas of all kinds of uncrosslinked ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet, but also for other plastics such as ABS, PS, and PVC.
ACRIFIX® 1S 0116 is only slightly gap-.lling. The bond is firm within a short time. Rapid further treatment is possible. High ultimate strength. Conduct prior tests if necessary.

Typical Values of Properties

  • Viscosity; Brookfield II/12/68°F/20°C 20: 650 to 900 cp 
  • Density/68°F/20°C:  ~ 1.00 g/cm3 
  • Refractive index nD68: ~ 1.39 
  • Color: clear to yellowish; color does not a. ect bonding properties 
  • Flashpoint (Closed Cup): < 39°F / 4°C 
  • Solids content: approx. 10% 
  • Storage stability: 2 years in the original container, if stored properly. Maximum 86°F / 30°C 
  • Packaging materials: glass and aluminum Thinner: ACRIFIX® 1S 0116 can be thinned with ACRIFIX® 1S 0117 
  • Curing: Physically by evaporation and absorption in the bonded articles 

Safety Measures and Health Protection

Contains ethyl formate and nitroethane. Harmful by inhalation and swallowing. Irritating to eyes and respiratory system. Keep containers in a well-ventilated place, away from sources of ignition. No smoking. Take precautionary measures against static discharges. In case of explosion, do not breathe fumes.

Working Instructions

Normally, a sawn or milled edge of one article is bonded at right angles to the original surface of another. Avoid bonding in areas where a high-stress level is to be expected or anneal the parts beforehand to relieve stress. The parts to be bonded must be very accurate. Grooves and notches may be only partially filled. Clean the adherents with petroleum ether or isopropyl alcohol before applying the adhesive. ACRIFIX® 1S 0116 is applied from the tube or a nozzled bottle to the edge of one of the items to be bonded, which, starting from one side, is then placed in contact with the second. After a short holding time, the bond is locked in position. When bonding sawn edges, bubble formation can be reduced by passing the edges over with a scraper or smoothing them with a wet abrasive paper (grit 400 to 600 – if possible at right angles to the sheet edge), by milling or diamond cutting before the actual bonding process is started. Slight pressure applied to the bonded surface during drying can also reduce bubble formation.

Note: Whitening around the adhesive joint is due to water condensing from the air (especially if the room temperature is low).

Initial Bond/Subsequent Treatment of Bonded Items

Tensile shear strength (v = 5 mm/min; butt joints, free from bubbles):  Annealing increases the strength and also improves the weather resistance. 

ACRYLITE® cast sheet 4061 ± 725 psi 5366 ± 725 psi
ACRYLITE® premium sheet 4351 ± 725 psi 5366 ± 725 psi
Appearance: Colorless, clear. Fewer bubbles will form with
ACRYLITE® cast sheet as compared to ACRYLITE® extruded sheet.

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