ACRYLITE® Gallery Anti-Reflective

ACRYLITE® Gallery Anti-Reflective acrylic is an optically clear and virtually invisible material. Its unsurpassed clarity, void of unwanted reflection and glare, will enable the best viewing experience possible without sacrificing protection. Learn more about this anti reflective acrylic sheet below.



At a less than 1.5% reflection rate, this material is sure to give viewers the best possible viewing experience without annoying reflection and glare.


This sheets surface has anti-static properties that prevent static electricity from forming. This helps to reduce the tendency of dust particles being attracted to the sheet, thus keeping the sheet cleaner.

High Light Transmission

The higher the light transmission, the more light is traveling through the sheet, illuminating what lies behind the frame and providing more clarity. This sheet offers a typical value of 98.5% light transmission rate to ensure your images, sketches, and artwork are being protected and seen without distortion.

Shatter Resistant

Offering a more durable solution than glass, this sheet can protect your artwork, images, and sketches in the busiest of areas. Acrylic is half the weight of plate glass yet several times more impact resistant.

UV Protection

Blocking over 99% of damaging UV rays, this sheet ensures your images and artwork remain vivid with color for years to come.

Scratch Resistant

ACRYLITE® Gallery Anti-Reflective acrylic sheet provides ultimate protection against unsightly scratches and scuffs.

ADA Compliant

This non reflective glass material meets the requirements for Finish and Contrast (Section 4.30.5) specified in the American Disabilities Act.


This anti reflective acrylic works well as a replacement to glass. Since it is lighter, it is able to cover more space without adding unnecessary weight.

For more information, such as how to fabricate and clean this material, refer to the ACRYLITE® Gallery Anti-Reflective Technical Information document.


  • High end glazing, framing, and display cases

  • Framing irreplaceable, valuable and sentimental work with our high UV protection

  • Glass applications that need added safety – high traffic areas, public spaces, airports, and museums

  • Framing pieces of art made of highly static materials such as pastels and charcoals work with our anti-static properties

  • ADA compliant jobs that need high visibility and low reflection


With ACRYLITE® Gallery Anti-Reflective acrylic, you will create an experience like no other! Contact us to learn more about our product or to find an authorized distributor.