UV Filtering Amber Colors: Light Transmission Curves

ACRYLITE GP and ACRYLITE FF amber-colored acrylic sheet is frequently used to filter UV light in laser block applications, welding screens, laser cutting, UV curing operations, and other high performance light shield applications. In operations like these, it may be necessary to filter the UV light to insure the best protection, visibility, and comfort.

The proper choice of amber color will depend on the exact application. Shown below are light transmission curves of ACRYLITE GP and FF sheet amber colors 2C04 (old 408-5), 2C62 (old 462-4), and 1C22 (old 430-7) which provide good UV absorption characteristics.

3647 pic 1

It is important to note that not all ACRYLITE GP and ACRYLITE FF amber sheet colors have effective UV filtering properties. Roehm America can provide transmission data to assist in selecting the best material for an application. For more information, please contact Roehm America’s Sheet Technical Service Center at 207-490-4230.

Standard Product Offering

Thicknesses: .118”, .177”, and .236”

Size: 48” x 96”

Colors: Amber – 2C04, 2C004, 2C62, 1C22, 1C022

Additional UV filtering amber colors are available upon request.

For small order quantities, cell cast ACRYLITE GP sheet is available in cases. For large quantities we offer continuously manufactured ACRYLITE FF sheet.