ACRYLITE® Prismatic

ACRYLITE® Prismatic acrylic sheet features a deep texture on one side of the material and a smooth surface on the other. It does an excellent job hiding the image of the sun in applications such as skylights where good light diffusion is needed. Made in America, it is available in premium clear (Textures 0A000), impact modified clear (Resist 65 and 75), and impact modified white (Resist 65). This material is UV absorbent and the texture is commonly known as P12.

Product Specifications



This sheet weighs half as much as glass making it easy to work with.

Light Transmission

The colorless options provide 85% light transmission. White WRT25 provides 66% light transmission.

High Impact Strength

ACRYLITE® Prismatic Textures, 0A000, offers high impact resistance as well as being more impact resistant than glass. Having similar strength to tempered glass, it will not shatter. Instead, if broken, it will crack or fracture into large pieces that are much less sharp than glass.

ACRYLITE® Prismatic Resist, has even greater impact resistance. Grades 0RA65 (clear and white) and 0RA75 feature superior performance having many times the impact strength of glass and standard acrylic sheet (Testing per ASTM D 3029).

Weather Resistance

This material is manufactured from a weatherable acrylic polymer. It can be used outdoors for many years with little loss of impact strength or its acrylic-like appearance.

ICC Listed (AC16)

ACRYLITE® premium and Resist 65/75 are recognized by ICC-ES as complying with the 2012, 2015, 2018, and 2021 International Building Code® requirements for light-transmitting plastic glazing. ACRYLITE® premium, Resist 65, and Resist 75 meet the ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Plastic Glazed Skylights (AC16) and are suitable for skylights, exterior walls, and roof panels. The ICC-ES evaluation report ESR-1260 provides guidance to code officials faced with approving the use of ACRYLITE® premium, Resist 65, and Resist 75 under these codes, and is available online at


  • Skylights
  • Light diffusers for offices, shops, schools, hospitals, clinics, and more


Being an extruded acrylic, ACRYLITE® Prismatic materials can be fabricated using the same techniques found in our fabrication manuals.