16mm ACRYLITE® Alltop Acrylic Double-Skin Sheet


16 mm ACRYLITE® Alltop acrylic double-skin sheet is a light transmitting, heat-insulating and weather-resistant double-skinned sheet made of acrylic (polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA) polymer with particularly wide rib spacing. It was designed for commercial & institutional greenhouses where an extremely high light transmission is required.

Advantages of 16 mm ACRYLITE® Alltop UVA/UVT acrylic double-skin sheet

  • ACRYLITE® Alltop has a light transmission of 91%, the 64 mm wide flute is the highest light transmitting of any insulating rigid glazing available.
  • ACRYLITE® Alltop‘s patented no drip coating is applied on every surface, including inside the flutes. The coating allows for maximum light transmission virtually eliminating all condensation droplets on all interior and exterior surfaces of the sheet.
  • Better plant growth response is driven by high light transmision and the option for ACRYLITE® Alltop in UV absorbing or UV transmitting is available.
  • Up to 50% better energy savings over single layer glazings.
  • Better plant growth response is driven by the light transmission and the option of ACRYLITE® Alltop UV absorbing or UV transmitting is available.


Non-prorated, full replacement 30 year non-yellowing and 10 year light transmission warranties. For details see warranty.

Environmental Sustainability

ACRYLITE® Alltop acrylic double skin sheets’ natural heat insulating qualities can translate into significant energy savings, making them an ideal choice for eco-lighting and building green. The sheets are built to last using environmentally sound manufacturing processes in facilities that have received ISO-14001 environmental certification. ACRYLITE® Alltop is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Technical Data (Typical values)

ASTM D-1929 (Self Ignition Temp)840 ºF

Light Transmittance D65 Total Energy Transmission Values Shading Coefficient (SC)
Clear UVA (20080) UVT (29080) 91% 82% 0.94
UV Transmission optional
U-value 2.5 W/m2K (0.49 BTU/hr•ft2•ºF)
R-value 2.04 ºF/BTU•hr•ft2
Coefficient of Heat Expansion (α) 0.09 mm/m ºC (0.00005 in/in/ºF)
Thickness 16 mm (⁵⁄₈”)
Rib Spacing 64 mm (2 ¹⁄₂”)
Width 1200 mm (47 ¹⁄₄”)
Length up to 8550 mm (28 ft)
Approximate Area Weight 4.9 Kgm2 (1 lb/ft2)
Weighted Sound Reduction Index 22 dB
Maximum Service Temperature 70°C (160 ºF)
ASTM D-635 (Rate of Burn) C2 / CC2
ASTM D-2843 (Smoke Density Rating) 2.0 %
CAN/ULC S102.2 < 150 Flame Spread Classification
DIN 4102 normal combustability, B2

Values are approximate.

No Drip

Compared to our standard No Drip double-skin sheets, which have the proven water-dispersing coating on one side only, the Alltop sheets are coated on all surfaces, including inside the flutes.

The water-dispensing coating is covered by a protective layer applied during manufacture. This is washed off by rainwater or condensation, thus activating the coating. The protective layer can also be removed with water and a sponge or by using a hose.

Fire Behaviour

  • The fire behavior of ACRYLITE® is rated as C2 or CC2 according to ASTM D-635.
  • ACRYLITE® burns almost entirely without smoke according to DIN4102 and ASTMD-2843 and is easily extinguished.
  • The smoke gases produced by ACRYLITE® are neither accutely toxic according to DIN 53436 nor corrosive according to DIN VDE 0482-267.

Load Bearing Capacity

Due to its excellent rigidity, large areas can be glazed quickly and efficiently. Few intermediate supports are required to carry substantial uniformly distributed loads (refer to Support Spacing data chart). Reduction of structural members means less shading thus increasing light levels.

Light Transmission Data ACRYLITE® Alltop acrylic double-skin sheet

alltop high impact graph 2

Comparison of colorless ACRYLITE® Alltop acrylic double-skin sheet. (29070 is the UV-transmitting grade & 20070 the UV-absorbing grade.)

Light Transmission Data - ACRYLITE® Alltop acrylic double-skin sheet

alltop high impact graph 1

Spectral Transmission of ACRYLITE® Alltop acrylic double-skin sheet. (Approximation only). (UV to the non-penetrating infrared wavelengths).

Support Spacing

Refer to the Support Spacing Chart for loading recommendations, however, its recommended for you to determine your local bulding code requirements. If the sheet is ripped and the skin is more than 15 mm (⁵⁄₈“) from a rib, an infil spacer is necessary for proper support.

alltop high impact pic 1

Support Spacing Chart

16 mm ACRYLITE® Alltop acrylic double-skin sheet width as delivered 1200 mm (47 ¹⁄₄“)
Load Support Spacing
[N/m2]     (lb/ft2) [m]     (in)
750     15.7 5.1     200
1000     20.9 4.2     165
1250     26.1 3.5     137
1500     31.3 2.9     114
1750     35.5 2.5     98
2000     41.8 2.2     86
2250      47 2.0     78
2500     52.2 1.8     70
2750     57.4 1.7     67
3000     62.6 1.6     63