ACRYLITE® Gallery anti-reflective Technical Information

ACRYLITE® Gallery anti-reflective is a clear acrylic sheet that gives off an invisible perspective to viewers. Instead of seeing unwanted reflection in artwork, this anti reflective acrylic sheet gives a view like no other.

ACRYLITE® Gallery anti-reflective cuts reflection to less than 1.5%. Additionally, this increases light transmission to 98.5% (typical value) from 92% for standard acrylic. You will see your artwork with a new level of clarity as well as vibrancy.

Our anti reflective plexiglass is based off our ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP3) product. With the 99% UV-blocking conservation acrylic sheet properties, your framed material will have the best UV protection available in the market.

For more protection, ACRYLITE® Gallery anti-reflective is also abrasion-resistant, which prevents scratches on the surface. The surfaces are also anti-static which prevents dust from being attracted to the sheet.

These great features make ACRYLITE® Gallery anti reflective acrylic sheet an ideal choice for picture framing applications. It is well-suited to replace glass, since it’s half the weight and will not break the same way as glass does.



  • Passes the Photographic Activity Test, ISO 18916
  • Compliant with ISO 18902:2013 for framing materials
  • Passes the Oddy Outgassing Test
  • Passes Humidity Resistance test, MIL-C-48497A
  • Passes Solubility Test, MIL-C-48497A
  • Passes Corrosion Resistance (Salt Fog) test, ASTM B117
  • Passes Adhesion Test – 5B adhesion (no loss of coating), ASTM D3359


  • ACRYLITE® Gallery Anti-Reflective sheet can be saw cut, routed, drilled, laser cut and edge-finished just like standard acrylic sheet. Please reference the fabrication Manuals for more details.
  • Please note that flame-polishing, thermoforming, and line-bending are not recommended for ACRYLITE® Gallery Anti-Reflective acrylic sheet.
  • Cementing with ACRYLITE® Gallery Anti-Reflective acrylic sheet requires additional steps to remove the coating prior to cementing. Please contact us for additional information.


  • The use of a clean microfiber cloth is strongly recommended for cleaning ACRYLITE® Gallery Anti-Reflective sheet. Cotton gloves are also recommended to avoid getting fingerprints onto the sheet.
  • Small areas can be gently dry-wiped, avoid using excessive pressure.
  • Larger areas can be cleaned using a solution of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in distilled water – 30% IPA should be sufficient. Spray the solution onto the microfiber cloth and gently wipe the sheet as needed.

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