ACRYLITE® for Display Cases and Shadow Boxes

ACRYLITE® crystal clear acrylic works great for display cases and shadow boxes as it is barely noticeable, allowing for the eyes of onlookers to zero in on what's being displayed. Our acrylic materials feature many benefits such as protection from UV light, glare, abrasion, and chemicals ensuring a long lasting and beautiful display.

  • adds style and safety
  • increases the value of displayed products
  • great way to preserve and present artifacts

Application stories

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Big Stage for Small Heroes

These miniature heroes appear to be floating on top of a white beam of light, almost as if they just returned from a successful mission. In reality, the real hero to be acknowledged is the protecting power of ACRYLITE® premium and ACRYLITE® satinice acrylic sheet making up this stunning display case in which these figurines are encapsulated in.

Magical Exhibition Display Cases

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picture frames with framing grade acrylic

ACRYLITE® Gallery framing grade FF3

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering OP3