ArmorActive Inc. Uses ACRYLITE® Satinice In Retail Stores

POLYVANTIS Sanford LLC has teamed up with ArmorActive Inc., a Utah-based company specializing in developing tablet accessories, to create durable and highly customizable ACRYLITE® acrylic-based iPad enclosure stands for retailers such as Foot Locker.

“We create secure mounting stands and wall mounts to display iPads in our customers’ stores,” said Nick Ames, chief marketing officer at ArmorActive Inc. “Since these stands and wall mounts are usually featured in busy retail stores, the durability and quality of ACRYLITE® acrylic is critical for protecting the iPads from frequent human contact. ACRYLITE® also saves significant costs in manufacturing since laser-cutting acrylic is more cost-effective compared to steel or polycarbonate. This allows us to accommodate our customers with high-quality designs even under tight budget constraints.”

These sheets come in various colors and textures which offer protection against scrapes, scratches, and scuff marks making them ideal to protect iPads when they are used in display cases and wall mounts.

“Working with our customers to meet their specific needs is a key component of POLYVANTIS' business strategy,” said Antoinette Spages, POLYVANTIS Sanford LLC’s director of marketing and communications for Acrylic Polymers. “I was very happy to see how ArmorActive Inc. is using Roehm America’s acrylic sheets to make stands that reflect the retailer’s branding and color schemes. ACRYLITE® is very versatile and it’s always exciting to see our customers use it in unique ways.”

ArmorActive Inc. develops various accessories for tablet devices such as iPads, Kindles, and Samsung Galaxy. ArmorActive Inc. works with customers to meet their specific needs, whether it is creating a tablet device kiosk, wall mounted tablet device or tablet device stand.


Location: Utah

Fabricator: ArmorActive Inc.

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