ACRYLITE® for Institutional Greenhouse

North America’s leading colleges and universities choose acrylic glazing to provide the best teaching environments. In today’s competitive funding environment, institutions must make smart choices by investing capital in greenhouses that will last for decades, without requiring costly annual maintenance or replacement. This is why ACRYLITE® acrylic is the desired material of choice, it is long-lasting and guaranteed to deliver results.

  • materials will not yellow, become brittle or degrade
  • materials promote optimal growing conditions


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How to prevent greenhouse condensation

Application stories

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ACRYLITE® At Como Park Greenhouses

The production greenhouse space, which is glazed with ACRYLITE®, offers these sensitive plants a wonderful space to start their journey toward graduation to the Conservatory’s public gardens. According to Paul, ACRYLITE®’s light transmission qualities make a noticeable impact on the health of his plants.

ACRYLITE® Proves Itself At Canada’s Largest Botanical Garden

Ditching Traditional Spray Shade & Glass for an All-In-One Acrylic Greenhouse Solution

Revitalizing MSU greenhouses

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