An Outdoor Oasis Built to Inspire

Motivated by her exploration of architectural designs found in Asia and Europe, Interior Designer Katie Lesh embarked on an ambitious project for her family's new home in Bainbridge Island, Washington.

The inspiration

The overseas structures featured innovative uses of light transmitting panels for both siding and roofing components, serving as the primary inspiration for her vision. Their intriguing benefit was that it allowed exterior spaces to be used year-round without blocking natural light, a concept Lesh wanted to incorporate into her home. "We are in the Pacific Northwest, where it rains most of the year, so it was important to have protection from the elements, while finding a way to let in as much light as possible," said Lesh.

She envisioned incorporating corrugated, light transmitting overhangs alongside the home's natural timber elements; and thus, the search for the perfect material began.

Considering the options

In March of 2022, Lesh researched various options for light transmitting roofing, exploring materials ranging from polycarbonate to fiberglass. Lesh and her team, including Architect Kenneth Wilson, agreed that the unique space required an even more sturdy and optically clear material. After receiving samples as well as discussing the needs and requirements of the build with ACRYLITE®'s technical support team, Lesh decided on POLYVANTIS' ACRYLITE® Resist wave profile acrylic due to its unmatched quality. "We looked at dozens of samples and felt the ACRYLITE® Resist wave profile product was superior," noted Lesh.

ACRYLITE® Resist acrylic stands out as a naturally robust choice, surpassing other materials with its inherent rigidity, and overall resilience. These distinctive characteristics not only enhance its durability but also deliver the essential structural integrity demanded by Lesh and Wilson’s designs.

Another key advantage of ACRYLITE® Resist wave profile acrylic was the custom sizing opportunities, accommodating the unique design requirement for 13-foot-long panels. Its clean look also stood out over the trapezoidal profiles offered by competing brands. Lesh, with a keen eye for design aesthetics, aimed to steer clear of the potentially obstructive appearance of trapezoidal sheets that might compromise the material's clarity. Opting for the smooth-surfaced acrylic, she created a seamless integration with the glass windows beneath, allowing the wood frame to elegantly shine through the acrylic, amplifying the architectural beauty. Additionally, ACRYLITE® Resist will retain its visual appeal and resist yellowing or deterioration over time, thanks to outstanding UV stability. This feature guarantees lasting protection, particularly against external elements such as the sun's harmful rays, ensuring the longevity of Lesh's vision.

Moving ahead with confidence

In August 2022, they began collaborating with a local ACRYLITE® supplier to fulfill the order and had support from POLYVANTIS Sanford LLC's technical team all throughout the process. "We appreciated the expertise and communication we had with David, POLYVANTIS Sanford LLC's Technical Service Engineer. His assistance gave me the reassurance I needed when designing the panel layout and putting our order together," said Lesh.

The POLYVANTIS Sanford LLC's Technical Support team is ready to assist customers in various aspects of their projects – from installation to maintenance. They work with clients throughout the design and engineering process, assessing architectural drawings and offering feedback. David was specifically helpful to Lesh and her team in determining the correct spacing between the purlins, ensuring that the structure was built to withstand snow load. The product’s warranty against hail protection also served as additional reassurance of its integrity.

New Energy Works built the main structure, and Layline Design Build installed the purlins and acrylic panels. The installation process was carried out successfully, and the project was completed in February 2023.

A beautiful finish

Lesh and her family now get to enjoy outdoor living throughout the year, all thanks to their custom light transmitting roof made with ACRYLITE® Resist wave profile acrylic. The unique design has received a lot of positive and intriguing comments from both neighbors and guests ever since it was completed. "One person asked if our house was a church. Another asked if it was a wedding venue. Several have wondered if we actually live here! I knew we achieved our goal when people had reactions to the design," said Lesh.

The project is a testament to the power of creativity and vision. The stunning design, a perfect blend of natural timber elements and a modern acrylic roof with glass windows, is nothing short of inspiring. From the outside, the house looks like a work of art, and from the inside, it's a warm and welcoming home that truly captures the essence of beauty Lesh had in mind all along.

A sight to see

The unique patio cover design has drawn a lot of attention, and for good reason, but what's even more beautiful than how it looks from the outside...

A view to behold how it looks from the inside! The combination of the exposed wooden beams and clear acrylic panels create a feeling of being in a cabin retreat while still enjoying the outdoors.

An acrylic worthy of praise

With its excellent UV stability, ACRYLITE® Resist wave profile acrylic will stay as clear as ever for years to come!

Mission accomplished

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