Enjoy All Weathers With An ACRYLITE® Patio Roof

For many, a patio is a second living room where family and friends can dine, relax and party. However, when it’s raining or the sun is beaming down strongly, the patio can quickly become an unpleasant place. An ACRYLITE® roof offers protection and makes it comfortable to stay outdoors in all weathers.

Particularly in spring and summer, life moves to the outdoors. A roofed patio or balcony lets you enjoy the fresh air even when it’s raining. A patio roof not only protects against precipitation, it also affords privacy and protection from sunlight. And patio furniture stays in shape for longer because it is not at the mercy of the elements, day in and day out.

ACRYLITE® is especially suitable as material for patio roofing because it is UV-stable. A property that gives the acrylic the advantage of remaining brilliant and not yellowing, even after years of exposure to sunlight. What’s more, almost all clear-transparent ACRYLITE® products come with the backing of a 30-year warranty. Moreover, UV radiation, which is harmful to human health, is blocked with an efficacy similar to that of sun protection factor 50, allowing all family members to stay on the patio for as long as they like without any worries. Rooms with windows facing the patio remain bright, thanks to the high light transmission of the branded acrylic.

ACRYLITE® solid sheets, and particularly ACRYLITE® multi-skin and corrugated sheets, are lighter than glass, which makes sturdy base structures unnecessary. Moreover, the material is simple to process so that even do-it-yourselfers can easily build and install a patio roof. ACRYLITE® is available in a wide range of colors and surface textures so that roofing can be individually matched to structural requirements and personal taste.

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