Market Segment

Lighting Technologies


FISCHER Licht & Metall GmbH & Co.KG


ACRYLITE® cast Red 3H31

Selection Criteria

ACRYLITE® was used because of its outstanding weather resistance and its consistent performance even under the harshest conditions. It is formulated to provide superior impact strength and guarantees outstanding light transmitting properties.

Description of the Application

FISCHER produced letters spelling out “Home of quattro” for Audi, the automobile manufacturer in Ingolstadt, Germany, and one of the sponsors of the Ski World Cup. The sign is approximately 115 feet long and ten feet high. Each letter weighs several hundred pounds including the metal frame.

The colossal letters were driven from the company’s Mühlhausen plant to Lake Schwarzsee near Kitzbühel, Austria. A helicopter then flew the sign one letter at a time to its location on the mountain. They were mounted next to each other until the unique sight of “Home of quattro” rose above the “Streif”—one of the world’s most spectacular downhill courses.

For one whole week, the red, glowing Audi slogan was visible at night from everywhere—thanks to the energy-saving FISCHER LED technology built into each of the 13 letters.

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