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Design – Fishing Lure


ACRYLITE® Resist impact modified colorless 0RA65 GT


Northern California

After some time evaluating the common brittleness of salmon lures on the market, Ted Wong, an experienced fisherman, noticed room for improvement. Many products could not withstand the rough waters of the Pacific Ocean and it was time for a better option for fishermen like himself.

He envisioned a higher quality product and set out on the venture to produce a new kind of salmon fishing lure. His goal was to add durability and a modern holographic design that would revolutionize any fishermen’s tackle box. He has since created a quality product which he calls Pyramid Flashers.

These flashers use ACRYLITE® Resist impact modified colorless 0RA65 GT in .080 thickness. He chose ACRYLITE® because it offered greater durability without the weight. This quality along with the terminal tackle and innovative design contributes to the product's success among sport and commercial fishermen alike. The lures, which spin while trolling, help to attract salmon and are highly depended on by fishermen to ensure their success when out on the water.

These lures, designed by a fisherman for fishermen, are made in the USA and can be purchased at