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Kennebunk, Maine Library


ACRYLITE® framing grade clear 0A000 GT in 5.6 mm thickness

A local Library now features ACRYLITE® sneeze guards at their front and side desks. These were put in place in order to protect the public and staff as they check in and sign out books.

These barriers were made using 5.6mm ACRYLITE® framing grade clear 0A000 GT sheet. They were routed to size and line bent making them perfect for their designated places.

However, the front desk was a bit of a challenge because it measured almost 15 feet long. What's the secret to covering such a large area, you may ask? Two separate barriers made to look like one! 

In order to create a barrier long enough with the same amount of stability, two separate ACRYLITE® barriers were placed next to each other. From a quick glance, no one would be able to recognize that this massive sheet covering the entire length of the front desk is actually two sheets. Take a closer look and see for yourself!

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