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ACRYLITE® Resist impact modified

Incorporating sneeze guards into the classroom is not always an easy feat. There are many things to consider in order to successfully install barriers without interrupting the environment. Things such as available space, the type of desks, and the user's ability to care properly for the sheet play a key role in making the best decision for what type of barriers to install.

Knowing this, the ACRYLITE® Tech Team created a trifold partition that would work in many classroom settings; especially in those where space is limited. It is made using 0.060” ACRYLITE® Resist impact modified acrylic sheet and can be placed on the surface of a desk or table to separate students from their peers.

If you look closely, there are two different fabrication methods used with the trifold partitions pictured. One is assembled with polystyrene corner molding and the other is simply line bent from one piece of acrylic. The polystyrene corner molding offers additional flexibility for the material, allowing the wings to be adjusted as the need permits.

As you can see, ACRYLITE® can be fabricated in many ways ensuring that the best barrier solution is made. Please note, this was a project done specifically by the ACRYLITE® Tech Team to show the numerous ways ACRYLITE® can be fabricated. Purchases through ACRYLITE® do not include fabrication of the sheet.