Market Segment

Face Mask Templates


Atlanta Stylish Point in Atlanta, Georgia


Mix of colored ACRYLITE® Premium sheet in 12”x12”x.118”

Atlanta Stylish Point located in Atlanta, Georgia is a family based business that specializes in party decor to help their clients throw the best celebrations possible. During this time in our world, they noticed the need to step out of their field of expertise. They have decided to use their skills in a new way to help their community.

Samantha, from Atlanta Stylish Point, heard about a freinds frustration with constantly having to redo paper templates for face masks she was sewing for local nurses. Samantha put her laser cutting skills to good use and created an acrylic template using her laser cutter by Glowforge.

This is when she reached out to ACRYLITE® to receive acrylic sheet so she could send out more templates for those sewing masks. "These mask patterns or templates have helped volunteers to create masks in big quantities because of how easy it is for them to cut fabric with their acrylic templates," says Samantha.

We at ACRYLITE® are proud to be helping other businesses make a difference in their communities. For more updates from Atlanta Stylish Point, check them out on Instagram and Facebook.