Market Segment



Fairlawn, Ohio


ACRYLITE® Satinice Velvet Texture

Selection Criteria

  • High light transmission and diffusion properties
  • Attractive color offering
  • Light weight and easy to work with

Description of the Application

Interior Design

Internet team helps design firm with dramatic restaurant remodel.

How do architects, designers, fabricators and other firms find just the right amount of ACRYLITE® acrylic products for smaller projects or prototypes? They turn to the ACRYLITE® Online Shop for cut-to-size orders, quick turnarounds, detailed technical advice and the best in customer service. Sharon Deitrick, owner of Deitrick + Berger, an Akron, Ohio design and architectural firm,provides the perfect example.

“Our client, a local Asian restaurant, had a beautiful 1,000-piece mosaic that no one ever noticed because the space was too dimly lit. We conceived a series of lily pad light fixtures and a 12’ x 12’ lotus flower chandelier to draw attention to the mosaic, but couldn’t find anything like them. We looked online for ways to make the fixtures ourselves, and that’s how we found the ACRYLITE® Online Shop.”

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