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Kennebunkport, Maine



As social distancing becomes more necessary, The Hampton Inn in Kennebunk, Maine, is able to provide distance while welcoming their guests. Using ACRYLITE® Premium in 5.6mm, our Roehm Technical Team helped this local hotel by building a protective barrier for their front desk.

Knowing that there are still essential people who must travel during this time, the hotel remains open and willing to serve its guests. To ensure they'd be able to continue providing excellent customer service, it was important for the staff to maintain a clear view of the customer while serving them. With ACRYLITE® having crystal clear transparency, it was the perfect material for the job. "We at the Front Desk LOVE the installment," says the staff.

This hotel is used by many Roehm America employees when visiting the Sanford site; not to mention the countless visitors around the country who vacation in the Kennebunkport area. That's just one reason why, we at ACRYLITE®, were happy to help this local business so that they can continue to do what they do best. Going forward, we hope to continue to keep our community safe with acrylic protective barriers such as this.