Market Segment: Specialty Glazing 

Location: Shopping mall in Zilinia, Slovakia
Product: ACRYLITE® block

Description of the application: Aquarium 
Fabricator: Schuran OHG, Jülich

Criteria for ACRYLITE block

Unsurpassed light transmission without optical distortion, lightweight, high impact strength and easy to form and bond:

The light transmission of ACRYLITE block is a 92%. With glass, on the other hand, one already has a loss of more than 60% at a thickness of 2.4''.

Acrylic block meets the strucural requirements compared to glass. The material can be thermoformed and cemented what is an important feature when manufacturing custom round aquariums.

Description of acrylic aquarium application

Surrounded by colorful sea creatures, visitors to this mall enjoy a peaceful aquatic environment thanks to ACRYLITE® block. The structure consists of three massive round aquariums varying in height and diameter. All blocks were thermoformed in a heating cabinet and then bonded using ACRIFIX®, a multi-component adhesive to ensure a bubble-free, durable bond.