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ACRYLITE® Optical mar resistant colorless 0A000 MR2


Kennebunk High School in Kennebunk, Maine

Creating a barrier for the office in Kennebunk High School presented a bit of a challenge due to its unusual nature. Its size, shape, and other obstacles required a combination of fabrication techniques to be performed in order to achieve the final design.

Firstly, the ACRYLITE® Tech Team had to take careful measurements of the desk. Taking these measurements into account, they decided to go with a free-standing style of sneeze guard. For this style, they had to custom-rout each piece to the right size in order for the feet of the barrier to fit snugly under the top of the desk.

There were some added challenges as well. In the routing design, the Tech Team had to account for the areas on the desk where cables and other electrical wire openings were.

Once the acrylic was properly fitted for the design of the desk, the panels were line-bent to help form the circular shape. This material is typically not line-bent due to its mar-resistant hard coating layer which helps to fight against scratching, but by routing a very shallow pocket (0.005”) in the sheet which removed the coating where the line-bend was to take place, the bend was possible. You can see the areas where the line-bends are located in the pictures below. They look like narrow vertical stripes in the sheet.

Lastly, they installed the barriers end-to-end so that it appears to be continuous coverage from one end of the large semi-circular desk to the other. To bring the final design together, they installed a shelf made of green ACRYLITE® Satinice in one of the pass-through openings so that papers wouldn’t fall behind the barrier.

Another job well done from the ACRYLITE® Tech Team proving no shape is off-limits for ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet! Please note, this was a project done specifically for our neighboring community. Purchases through ACRYLITE® do not include fabrication of the sheet.