Market Segment

Aquarium/ Specialty Glazing



  • sheet sizes 3600 x 500 mm, thickness 40 mm
  • sheet sizes 1800 x 500 mm, thickness 40 mm


Australia, Brisbane, Bardon


FabricatorPool windows Australia

Selection Criteria

  • Optically clear
  • High resistance to solvents and chemicals
  • 30 year warranty against yellowing

Description of the Application

ACRYLITE® is the only product that uses for all installations and fabrication works. Due to its high-quality and the attached 30 year warranty, ACRYLITE® is the preferred material of choice for acrylic pool windows and corner pool windows.

ACRYLITE® block is 11 times stronger than glass and offers a crystal clear, undistorted view making these walls perfect for a modern and safe pool. In this installation, a 90° angle joined by silicone was required. It was imperative that ACRYLITE® was used due to its clarity to ensure the glue-bonding did not detract from the overall aesthetic of the pool.

daylight pool