Market Segment

Furniture, exhibition, shopfitting


ACRYLITE® block colorless 0F00 GT thickness from 20mm to 100mm


Company Kümpel in Lohmar, Germany

Design and Sales

Crystal Music Company (Netherlands)

Peter A. Tol

Selection Criteria

These Crystal Grand Pianos made of clear ACRYLITE® are extremely elegant, timeless, bewitching and beautiful. Its lively sound is pure, bright and warm guaranteeing to enchant any demanding pianist while the sensual designs captivate each listener.

Description of the Application

Premium piano components and a full acrylic structure including beams, key-table and body, give the CRYSTAL Grand Piano a pure, spellbinding, sparkling sound. It also makes this instrument less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and moisture, thus ensuring a stable tuning. CRYSTAL Grand Pianos feature multiple color and exclusive variations of the body ( as well as countless painting possibilities of the frame, soundboard, rim and main lid. In addition these handcrafted instruments can also be personalized. For instance, they can have 14/18 carat gold plated parts, diamonds or top grade gemstones added. Each and every CRYSTAL Grand Piano is an original handcrafted work of art; personalized and unique in the world. Designed for the exclusive and glamorous environment where it will be located, authenticity and originality are guaranteed for each Crystal Grand Piano.

yellow piano

piano 2

piano 3