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Carson City, NV (Available for purchase on their eCommerce site:




The Cyclone7 ReinMaker is a USA made, 7 liter cocktail maker that's simple to install, use, refill, and clean. It commands attention from anyone in the room by a design that creates brilliant colors, a spinning vortex, and super-bright LED’s.

What's even cooler is that it uses ACRYLITE® Tube! By using our tube, it allows for their product to guarantee superior performance and extended durability. With our materials crisp clarity and brilliance, it takes the idea of "craft cocktails" to a whole new level by showing the colors and lights as they move through the machine to make the drink.

To see the Cyclone7 Reinmaker in action, please visit RoxiSpice Drink Entertainment. For more information on how to purchase the product, visit