Market Segment

Architecture, public aquarium, zoological, pool and spa markets


The City Way Center in Downtown Indianapolis, IN


ACRYLITE® block colorless 0F00 GT

Description of Application

Bonded Acrylic window used as the entire face of an above ground pool at a luxury apartment and lifestyle complex.


Design, engineering, fabrication, and installation by Mahi International

Alex Parris, the CEO of Mahi International, started his company at the age of 21. During this time, there were large block manufacturers that had a huge hold on the industry. This forced him to make some business moves that would help him succeed in the heavily dominated market. Although he was constantly brushed off as new and young, when Parris decided to contact ACRYLITE®, he was given the support and push he needed to stand out as a leader even in his young age.

His partnership with ACRYLITE® started nearly 10 years ago before block was even being brought into the United States. He was able to work together with ACRYLITE® to capitalize on the large void he saw in the market.

Mahi International is now a major player in the public aquarium, zoological, and pool spa industry. They're not only a warehouse for ACRYLITE® large format block in the U.S. but they also work with Roehm on other product lines where they serve as a hub and fabrication facility directly for Roehm.

Here is just one of their many projects Parris and his team of employees have done recently. They fabricated this window start to finish in approximately 4 weeks where it was installed in Downtown Indianapolis back in August of 2019. “I chose ACRYLITE® due to its extremely high quality and superb tolerance and clarity, consistent product and product supply, and technical support from Germany,” says Parris.

The window is a bonded window which means that two sheets were bonded together to create one single large block. Parris further explains, “Through many years of experience and direct support with the technical team in Germany, ACRYLITE® bonds are nearly the strength of the parent material as well as perfectly matched to the block color, free of imperfections, and nearly invisible...And due to ACRYLITE®’s superior chemical products we can guarantee that our bonds will not deteriorate or change colors (turn yellow) and become visible over time like other manufacturers. I challenge someone to find where the bond is located in the picture!” If you are inspired to learn more about Mahi International and all the work they have done over the years, visit their website at

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook at @mahiacrylic and LinkedIn at Mahi International and check out their hashtag #Mahiacrylic.

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