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Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


16mm Double Walled ACRYLITE® Heat Stop Cool Blue Panels


Okanagan Covertec

In order to enhance the outdoor living experience for the customer's of Okanagan Covertec, they have designed a hybrid patio cover using ACRYLITE® Heat Stop. With the technology and versatility of ACRYLITE® products, their customers are free to invision outdoor spaces for themsleves that otherwise may not have been attainable.

Many of the people that come to Covertec are looking for solutions to common problems. The biggest request customers have is an increased comfort level that comes with having a patio cover that reduces heat especially through the summer months without taking away from the beautiful natural sunlight that streams into their patio space and interior home.

This project pictured above achieves just that. Our material was chosen for this project because of Roehm America's industry leading warranties that protect the quality of the material for years to come. Another reason is that the material reflects up to 75% of the heat while still transmitting natural sunlight.

"It's a trusted and reliable product for our Okanagan 4 season climate. The panels are strong enough to walk on, handle local snow loads, have the ability to reflect heat and beautifully transmit the natural sunlight. The ACRYLITE® panels are virtually maintenance free, due to their no-drip and anti-algae coating, which helps keep our client covers clean longer," says Covertec.

We are proud to say that our products have pleased Okanagan Covertec as well as their clientele. If you'd like to discover more of the work Covertec does using ACRYLITE®, check out their website at

You can also follow them on Instagram at @covertec and discover more project ideas by following the listed hashtags: #covertec, #acrylitebuildingproducts, and #lumoncanada.