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ACRYLITE® Optical mar resistant colorless 0A000 MR2


Kennebunk Elementary School in Kennebunk, Maine

Schools all around the country have been looking for ways to prevent the spread of germs as students and staff prepare to return in the fall. With the help of our ACRYLITE® Tech Team, Kennebunk Elementary School has successfully installed many sneeze guards in common areas to promote social distancing protocols.

These barriers are featured in office areas including the superintendent's office using ACRYLITE® Optical mar resistant colorless 0A000 MR2. This material was chosen for the job because it provides better scratch and marring resistance as well as chemical resistance compared to standard acrylic.

In an environment like a school, where much cleaning is necessary, this material will remain looking clean and clear over a long period of time. It can withstand the following household cleaners extremely well:

  • Fantastik® household cleaner
  • Mr. Clean® household cleaner
  • Formula 409® household cleaner
  • Top Job® household cleaner
  • Glass Plus® cleaner
  • Windex® window cleaner
  • Liquid detergent and water solution

Check out more images below showing the optical clarity of the sheet and how they have been installed to protect the returning staff and students.

Please note, this was a project done specifically for our neighboring community. Purchases through ACRYLITE® do not include fabrication of the sheet.