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Municipal Building in Wells, Maine


ACRYLITE® Resist impact modified colorless 0RA65 GT

ACRYLITE® hanging sneeze guards were installed at a local municipal building in Wells, Maine. With the spacious cubicle setup and open counter space, it was easy for these floating barriers to be put in place.

The sneeze guards are made from ACRYLITE® Resist impact modified colorless 0RA65 GT sheet which is known for its high impact performance. They will surely last a long time for it's a very cost-effective material due to its durability. However, if they need to be taken down at anytime, this form of installation is very easy to take apart making it the ideal barrier solution. Check out more pictures below.

sneeze guard 2

sneeze guard 3

Sneeze Guard 4

sneeze guard 5

cubicle barrier