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New York City



Back on April 10, 2019, there was a wind storm that tumbled through the streets of NYC. The wind was so strong, it popped out one of the 'Titan' display boards found at the corner of E 45th and Lexington Ave.

NYC post 2

This left the underneath exposed showing a piece of ACRYLITE® Premium that stood untouched. If you are familiar with our products, you know that this masking is not used anymore. It is estimated that this sheet is over 10 years old but the clarity has held up like no other.

Ironically, the store behind it describes the situation perfectly..."It's what's inside that counts." 

NYC post 1

NYC post 5

ACRYLITE® is stronger than it looks proving to outstand even the toughest terrains of NYC. Just one of the many reasons, it is the clear choice!