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ACRYLITE® Alltop High Impact Double-Skin Clear 0RS01


Kennebunk High School in Kennebunk, Maine

In a world of social distancing, public places are having to make adjustments to fit within the recommended safety guidelines. Schools, in particular, are dealing with finding ways to implement barrier solutions rapidly as students and faculty plan to make their way back into the classrooms.

Due to the nature of this type of public space, a little more flexibility is required. Heavy foot traffic and changes in seating arrangements are frequent in school classrooms and offices. That is why the ACRYLITE® Tech Team has created rolling barriers made from ACRYLITE® Alltop High Impact Double-Skin Clear 0RS01 for Kennebunk High School, a local school planning to reopen this fall.

The ACRYLITE® Tech Team, using their expertise of acrylic and their knowledge of design, were able to create these barriers out of our lightweight Alltop material and a metal frame with wheels for easy mobility.

Faculty can expect to be able to move these around wherever there is a unique social distancing need. This material is also easy to clean and will last for many years. Check out our cleaning instructions here.

Please note, this was a project done specifically for our neighboring community. Purchases through ACRYLITE® do not include fabrication of the sheet. However, if you'd like to know how to fabricate your own rolling barriers made with ACRYLITE® Alltop, you can follow our instructional here.