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Insurcomm in Portsmouth, New Hampshire


ACRYLITE® extruded clear 0A000 GT in 5.6 mm thickness

Insurcomm now features two ACRYLITE® barriers at their front desk. These were made using ACRYLITE® extruded clear 0A000 GT in 5.6 mm thickness. They are free standing which allows them to be easily taken down in order to sanitize the counter and surrounding areas.

These are great as a temporary or more permanent sneeze guard solution because they take up little space yet offer great protection when conducting face to face interactions.

We are grateful to be able to continue helping businesses with our sheet material as they look for ways to protect their staff and customers! It is important to note that we do not fabricate these standing barriers (this will have to be done by a fabricator) but only provide the material. For our hanging sneeze guard option that comes with pre-drilled holes, please click here.

insurcomm barrier

insurcomm 2