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ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block

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Eric Beckner

Eric Beckner had one of his clients come to him to look for something special, something beyond a typical set of letters. John M. Christos of Christos Hospitality Group didn’t have a logo set in stone yet, so Eric had some design flexibility. They were looking to have the word “bryant”, in lower case letters and mounted to the top of a steel I-beam that resided in front of their patio dining area.

Eric wanted to keep the design as low-profile as possible and having to mount the descender of the “y” in front of the I-beam posed a significant challenge. ISF Signs partnered with Justin Loffio, the ACRYLITE® Market Segment Manager for Signage, to discuss our best acrylic options. The overall concerns were weight and light diffusion. ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block was chosen because the material was easy to machine and gave the sign the light diffusion ISF signs was looking for. LEDs were used and were embedded in the back of the acrylic with an aluminum cover plate. ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block accomplishes the goal of making the suspended letters illuminate through the faces, sides and backs of these floating letters. ISF signs and Christos Hospitality Group couldn’t be happier with the way this sign turned out, and the support offered by Justin and his team in the process.

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