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ACRYLITE® Satinice tube colorless 0D010 DF


Hub for the WAVE™ Drowning Detection System

Drowning remains the #2 cause of accidental death of children in the U.S., with 88% occurring with adult supervision present, and at least 25% occurring with trained lifeguards present. This alarming statistic led to the development of a device known as the WAVE™ Drowning Detection System.

WAVE™ is a new portable drowning detection system technology that alerts caregivers if a swimmer is at risk of drowning. The portable hub which can be used across all aquatic environments including lakes, rivers, and the ocean, is the ‘heart’ of the WAVE™ Drowning Detection System. This enclosure houses the electronics that enable the system to operate.

Recently, the WAVE™ team chose to update their original hub design to include a 360º LED strip which will light up during hub operation. After receiving some samples from ACRYLITE®, they decided upon ACRYLITE® Satinice tube for this feature because of its excellent translucency. “We felt that the ACRYLITE® tube worked perfectly for this purpose and enhanced our product’s clean, simple design,” said Cofounder Dave Cutler.

To find out more about this incredible system, you can head to their website at (note: website currently only shows their original design - the new hub will be added soon). You can also follow them on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.