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ACRYLITE® extruded clear 0A000 GT in .177”x36”x96”


Michael Zaucha of Klae Construction

ACRYLITE® extruded clear 0A000 GT was installed at Towne Toyota and Towne Hyundai in New Jersey by Michael Zaucha of Klae Construction. The application was necessary due to the need of protective barriers to create proper social distancing. These newly installed sneeze guards offer a shield between the staff and their customers at the service write up desks at both locations.

Although both offices ordered the same thickness and size of sheet, you can see the versatility in the installation of ACRYLITE® between the locations. At Towne Hyundai, the sheet is hung from the ceiling while at Towne Toyota it is resting on wood boards. This proves that no matter what your office area looks like, there is always a way to install ACRYLITE® protective barriers.

toyota 2

"ACRYLITE® was quick and easy!! They were extremely professional and made this process pleasant during such a difficult time," says Chardae from Towne Toyota.

If you are from the area and need your vehicle serviced, check out these two locations who are staying open to serve you during these times.

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