ACRYLITE® for Research Greenhouse

Researchers need controlled and stable facility conditions to ensure results are not affected. Facilities constructed with acrylic glazing provide consistent light conditions that ensure repeatability. ACRYLITE® UV transmitting sheets allow researchers to simulate outdoor growing conditions in tightly-controlled environments, utilizing the full light spectrum and eliminating the need for expensive UV lighting systems.

  • materials promote optimal growing conditions
  • extremely versatile materials fit for every size research greenhouse


How to prevent greenhouse condensation
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Ten Reasons to Choose ACRYLITE® for Your Greenhouse

Application stories

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Greenhouse In Antarctica Uses ACRYLITE® Alltop

The Polar Research Institute of China and greenhouse builder Shanghai Dushi Green Co., selected ACRYLITE® Alltop as the most ideal greenhouse covering material for fresh vegetables and plants in Antarctica.

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ACRYLITE® Alltop high impact UV filtering

ACRYLITE® Alltop high impact UV transmitting

ACRYLITE® Resist multi-skin

ACRYLITE® Resist wave profile